It has been a pleasure testing the Ringmaster Tool. The design of the tool and the ease in using the tool are exceptional. We have found that after a short explanation on using the tool, any experienced service driver can usc the tool with ease.

We have let drivers with one year of experience and drivers with over fifteen years of experience use the Ringmaster and in all cases, they cut their time almost in half. They have used the tool to clean the ‘0’ ring seat in a matter of minutes. One of the best time savings is in the use of the tool when putting on four loader tires. The time savings alone will pay for the tool within a few service calls.

An item that is also very important is the safety factor. On larger loader tires, it is necessary to use the boom from the same truck to help move the flange on to the drum. With the Ringmaster tool it will do the work of the boom in a much shorter time.

This will help eliminate the safety risk of rocking the loader off of the jacks, thus eliminating the risk of injury or damage to the equipment being worked on. We plan on having the Ringmaster tool on all of our service trucks that change or repair tires requiring ‘0’ rings.

Congratulations on an exceptional tool that will be of great help to the service industry.

Lionel Pires