In the field of mounting loader tires, we are providing an easy answer to a sometimes very difficult problem. The problem is when you are mounting a new loader tire, more times than none, it is very difficult and troublesome to push the outer ring and the bead of the tire onto the rim by using bars and hammers. It can take an extended period of time and effort to accomplish the installation of the tire.
The answer is the new “RINGMASTER”. This simple but very effective tool allows one person to push the ring and the bead of the tire onto the rim evenly and safely allowing easy installation of the “O” ring and the outer locking ring in as little as five minutes. It is ideal for both small and large tire shops as well as for individual use.


We have tested the “RINGMASTER” since 2002 on many different types of loaders and graders. It is most commonly used for the mounting of new tubeless tires. Being a seasoned tire man, especially in loaders, I can tell you for a fact that it does work! Take a look at our video.


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